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Last update: 01.01.2020 - International Messe Service ims e.k - General terms and conditions
Terms and conditions for service and payments
These terms and conditions for service and payments are part of the agreement signed between us. For travel offers some services are offered under special conditions mentioned in the description of the services in the description of the booking. Please refer to them in  the description of the booking or service

The agreed advance payment shall be made within a week from receiving the confirmation/invoice from International Messe Service ims.ek

If you choose method of payment “bank transfer” we expect to receive the payment within the agreed deadlines. In all cases before payment/debit you will be given or sent a security receipt because the payments made by you in connection with required services

In case the agreed advance payment has not been made in full even after notice of default has been given or the full cost of the trip has not been paid before the commencement of the trip this shall entitle us to cancel the contract and to charge you a compensation as a cancellation fee in case there was no justification to reject the trip at that specific time.

A service fee can be charged according to the International Messe Service ims e.k internal pricing policy for particular suppliers. This service fee is always included in the quoted rate. It varies from 5% to 30% from the total costs. The service fee gross amount (19% VAT included) is being indicated separately in the invoice.

The descriptions of the services shall be binding with regard to the scope of the contractual services serving as basis of this contract and the confirmation/invoice related thereto. Any additional agreements changing the scope of the agreed services shall become valid only after their explicit confirmation.

In case you are unable to use particular services you have paid for due to reasons not attributable to you we can offer you a partial refund only when the service provider has issued a receipt but never in case of completely irrelevant services.

You may cancel the required services at any time prior to its commencement. Such cancellation should take place by giving the number of your invoice or customer number . It is in your interest and in order to avoid misunderstandings we recommend that you submit your cancellation in written form. In terms of the time of the cancellation it is important that we receive the cancellation request.